Tuesday, June 15, 2010

And then some stuff happened...

First I met a boy.

He ran into me as he was sprinting across the quad. I dropped my phone on the ground, which didn't make me very happy in the least. I happen to have a bad habit of dropping my phone and my goal, each day, is to not drop my phone. I wasn't sure if this counted. It wasn't my fault after all.

So I wanted to punch him in the face, instead he picked up my phone and before he could hand it back to me, I learned why he was running.

The boy, literally, hid behind me. A lumbering giant of a man with those weird, huge sunglasses covering half of his face (which I guess other people see as intimidating) ran up to us and stopped. He could clearly see the boy hiding behind me.

"Hi, why don't you stop chasing this boy because it's causing problems. You see, he made me drop my phone, it's expensive," I paused to hold up my iPhone which had some water and grass on it. I flipped it over, showed him the back. "So, why don't you just go to class and forget this kid exists?"

"Okay," he said and walked away. Overall, good experience. I learned that this man, who just walked away, was a man of sense and reason.

I felt like a hero, like Alexander the Great, like Leonidas when he kicked that guy into that huge pit in the middle of Sparta. I felt like I had adverted disaster, maybe I should be the next Pope.

The boy hiding behind me didn't say anything.

"Okay, well, thanks for running into me," I said to him. He looked scared shitless, literally.

"How did you..."

I felt like he needed some chocolate because that's the best thing for a Dementor siting which this most definitely had to be based on this kid's face.

"I reasoned with him, he walked away. Problem solved."

"Right, uhm, okay. I'm Arthur, like King Arthur." Arthur isn't that confusing of a name. Why would he need to tie himself to a historical figure? Not sure.

"Well, I'm Molly, like Molly, and I'm going to class."

"Wait, but, that was a cyclops."

He seemed genuinely convinced. "Oh, okay, cool. See you around."

And so I walked to class and left Arthur standing there in the middle of the quad looking like a kid scared half to death. When I got to class, there was Mr. Cyclops himself, alone in the room.

I made a noise and he looked around, sans glasses. And what do you know? Not only was Arthur right, but this eye had one of those looks that boys get like, "I'm in love."

So I turned around and left. I didn't really need to know that much about molecular biology. No, not really.

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